Улаанбаатар Судлал


Even though there have been significant efforts from various scholars, researchers and institutions in the past, as up to now it is still hard to say that a separate field dedicated strictly to Ulaanbaatar has been established. The works Mongolian scholars remain mostly related (but not fully restricted) to the historical perspective. Apart from the valuable input of historians per se these also constitute a very basic and most important contribution to the field of Studies on Ulaanbaatar as they lay a foundation induced with a local understanding of the nomadic heritage of this one of a kind metropolis. The international scholarly community in turn, has mostly researched Ulaanbaatar-related topics from a rather anthropological or ethnographic perspective. Not many Mongolists in general (both Mongolian and foreign) take up Ulaanbaatar as their main topic and so a lot of important gaps remain to be filled with professional knowledge. The Ulaanbaatar Studies project aims at providing a resource base and hopefully a platform for scholarly exchange among the Mongolian Studies’ community and beyond, in order to better the understanding of Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar both in historical as well as present-day terms. Another important idea behind the project is to provoke discussion related to better defining the field, its interdisciplinary character and possible methodologies. As of now the field of Ulaanbaatar Studies still remains a somewhat peculiar “no man’s land”. Hopefully that can change in the near future.

About the Ulaanbaatar Studies Project

The webpage and facebook (fb.com/ubstudies) fanpage are both run by a single person and serve as complementary means. For web resources and trivia related to Ulaanbaatar please be sure to follow the facebook fanpage. It will also inform on important developments inside the project. The wordpress page will in turn serve mostly as a database for resources. Significant issues related to both Ulaanbaatar and the project itself will be discussed in the blog section.

As of now the most of the content will be posted in English however default languages in which the project will be carried out are both English and Mongolian.

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