COVID-19 in Ulaanbaatar

Below you will find resources related to the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic in Ulaanbaatar (and also Mongolia in general).

  1. Web resources
  2. Analytical resources
  3. Graphical and video resources

1. Some basic web resources:

Mongolian Health Ministry’s COVID-19 page
Mongolian Statistical Information Service’s COVID-19 Dashboard
WHO’s COVID-19 in Mongolia page with regional reports and other materials
Mongolian COVID-19 Coronavirus Tracker
Wikipedia page on the COVID-19 pandemic in Mongolia
Google’s COVID-19 Community Mobility Report (June 2021)
Montsame’s COVID-19 subpage with news and statistics’s COVID-19 subpage with news and statistics
Early COVID-19 cases’ timeline according to
Breathe Mongolia’s COVID-19 timeline and related data
Real-Time Estimates of the Effective Reproduction Rate (R ) of COVID-19 worldwide
Reuters’ COVID-19 Tracker

2. Analytical resources

3. Graphical and video resources

Ulaanbaatar COVID-19 outbreaks as of 18.02.2021 (pink) and 16.03.2021 (orange) according to data shared by local authorities:

A mapping of COVID-19 outbreaks against a 3D model of central Ulaanbaatar’s build up:

Interview with the T. Badral, head of NEMA (March 2020):