Update #1

I am very happy to officially announce the first modest update of the project website. The Resources section has finally been updated with a list of some more publications, mostly books. Another update of that section will hopefully follow shortly. Please feel free to contribute with any suggestions.
A few minor changes have also been made in other sections and in the general layout.
There are a few posts or ideas lined up for the blog and website so hopefully we will see some more updates or content in the coming weeks. The facebook fanpage has also already managed to gather some interesting news and links connected to Ulaanbaatar. Hope to keep the pace up.
In some days I will be presenting a paper entitled Studies on Ulaanbaatar – Problems, Perspectives and Areas of Scholarly Interest as part of the 5th International Conference of Oriental Studies – Concepts, Methods, Challenges and Perspectives. The conference is organized by University of Warsaw’s Faculty of Oriental Studies and the Committee of Oriental Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences and  will take place on October 17th-18th at the University of Warsaw. Before the post-conference publication goes to print I plan to post main points of my paper along with any important feedback on the blog. Hopefully it can spark some discussion on the subject.


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