About the Ulaanbaatar Studies Project

The webpage and facebook (fb.com/ubstudies) fanpage are both run by a single person and serve as complementary means. For web resources and trivia related to Ulaanbaatar please be sure to follow the facebook fanpage. It will also inform on important developments inside the project. The wordpress page will in turn serve mostly as a database for resources. Significant issues related to both Ulaanbaatar and the project itself will be discussed in the blog section.

As of now the most of the content will be posted in English however default languages in which the project will be carried out are both English and Mongolian.

Please see the top menu for useful resources related to Ulaanbaatar, projects I am currently working on and other useful information.

Also feel free to contact the project either via the below contact form or mail at ulaanbaatarstudies[@]gmail.com